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Access to apps

Can Xero Bring Clarity to the Chaos of Add-Ons?

Xero’s updated marketplace and a better search option are a welcome addition, but will it make a substantial difference?

Uber Expensify SmartRides.

Travel App Expensify Connects with Uber for SmartRides

Travel and expense management app Expensify is targeting airport-to-hotel transfers by sharing users’ hotel addresses with taxi-alternative network Uber.

Xerocon 2014

Xero Interview: Rod Drury and Chris Ridd at Xerocon

Xero CEO Rod Drury and MD of Australia Chris Ridd put down their skateboard and guitar to have a chat about some of the newest developments at Xerocon.

Xero price rise

Xero Hits 147,000 Customers in Australia

Xero has nearly doubled the number of Australian customers in the past year to 147,000 from 75,000. Nearly 40,000 had been added since 1 April.

Google Drive app

Google Apps Users Flock to Google Drive for Work

Google Drive for Work, which gives users unlimited file storage for US$10 per month, is signing 1,800 businesses a week just two months after launch.


Xero Signals a Major Expansion Beyond Accounting

Xero CEO Rod Drury slipped three jaw-dropping announcements into his “state of the union” address yesterday