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eWay Takes on PayPal, Stripe with One-Stop Payment Service

eWay has released a merchant service that lets Australian businesses accept online payments from credit cards just like PayPal, Stripe and other providers.

Reckon Accounts Hosted v2

Reckon Reboots Reckon Accounts Hosted with Major Upgrade

Reckon has updated its Reckon Accounts Hosted service to the long awaited “version 2” promising faster and more reliable performance.


First Signs of Life for Microsoft Azure In Australia

A keen-eyed IT expert has found evidence that Australian data centres for Microsoft’s cloud service Azure are already operational, suggesting a launch is imminent. While testing the connection speed to Azure’s network of global data centres on, Robert Crane from CIAops noticed that the two fastest times came from a new “geo zone”, Australia, with two new regions, Australia East and Southeast. The location field for both entries was empty. “It would seem that (the test website) is going out to a live data centre and returning live responses” from Australia, Crane said. Companies using Microsoft Azure to run…

Calculate Payroll

Why Use a Payroll App With Your Accounting Software?

Rather than operating a manual payroll system, business owners should ask themselves – how can I better spend my time?


Xero Shows That Some Banks Get It – And Some Don’t

Most of the flak about the bank feed surcharge is unfair. Xero is suffering because of an unfortunate reality: (Some) banks are bastards.

Xero tax

UK Bank’s Fees for Feeds Behind Xero “Price Rise”

Xero users expressed mixed reactions of outrage and praise at news that a major UK bank will start charging for daily bank feeds.