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    Five Reasons to Ditch Excel for Your Financial Planning

    Excel is a great productivity tool but a miserable business application, says Rob Hull, founder and chairman of Adaptive Insights.

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    Go-Fetch App Takes the Hassle Out of Chasing Clients

    When Craig Baldwin set up one the first Xero-focused online accounting firms in the US two years ago, the company experienced rapid growth in its first year. On review, however, he found that it was less profitable than he had expected. “We looked at where we were losing the time and it wasn’t doing the work. We had lots of good tools such as Xero, Receipt Bank, and so on,” Baldwin says. He discovered the firm was losing a lot of time chasing clients for information to complete tax returns and other financial reports. Making phone calls and sending emails…

  • Panalytics Dashboard

    Coaching Club App Blends Dashboards with Learning

    Coaching club Proactive Accountants Network is taking to the US a dashboard tool for accounting firms to consolidate financial data and track clients’ KPIs.

  • SAP buys Concur

    SAP Buys Concur, An $8.4b Attack Plan for A New Market

    What does the world’s most famous ERP company want with a horizontal app in expense and travel management? And why did it pay so much?

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    Three Ways to Connect Desktop Software to the Cloud

    Businesses who love their online accounting software can still connect it to industry-specific desktop software such as POS or job management.

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Tradesmen using ServiceM8 can create invoices on their phone, forward them to their accounting program or take credit card payments on the spot with Stripe.


Moving to the Cloud? Change Your Culture First

Business owners recognise that digital transformation requires change to both their organisational culture and technology – but which should come first?

Reckon One

Reckon One adds Time and Expenses Module

Reckon One users can track billable and unbillable time and expenses against clients and projects through the Reckon One web app or mobile app.

9Spokes’ Dashboards, Integration, Marketplace In Beta

9Spokes, a well-funded New Zealand startup that has shaken up the accounting profession, moved to public beta in early September.


Online Accounting App Focuses on Assets and Advisory

Peter McCarthy’s clients were facing a problem most people would love to have – how to keep track of their many personal assets.

Google Analytics measuring a house

Analytics for Your Coffee Machine? It’s Closer Than you Think

When Nico Minelli decided he wanted to help his aunt record her baby’s first years, pulling out a video camera seemed a little old-fashioned.