SMBs Shifting Tasks to Mobile Save Eight Hours a Week

SMB owners mobile devices to run business

Australian business owners using mobile devices for key tasks saved nearly eight hours a week, the equivalent to nine working weeks a year, a study has found. Almost four in 10 SMBs also cited an 8 percent increase in revenue on average as a direct result of using their mobile device, the Intuit Australian Small Business Mobile Study claimed.

Business owners used their mobile devices for tasks such as sending and receiving emails (65 percent), internet searches (61 percent), GPS navigation (46 percent), looking up customer information (35 percent), viewing account balances (44 percent), social media (30 percent) and preparing quotes.

Certain business tasks completed on mobile devices would double in the next 12 months, the report predicted. Accepting payments increased from 13 percent to 31 percent, creating invoices went up from 12 percent to 26 percent and videoconferencing increased from 15 percent to 30 percent respectively.

You can view a summary of the report at Infographic – The Mobile Nation – SMB owners using mobile devices to run business.

Among the 501 SMB owners surveyed, Generation Y owners (18-34 year olds) led the way in using mobile devices for business. They spent an average five hours a day on mobiles versus three hours a day on average overall.

Gen Y owners were the only ones to accept payments (27 percent) on mobile devices more often than they paid suppliers (22 percent).

One in 10 Generation Y business owners saved more than 20 hours a week from mobile use, or more than 22 working weeks in a year.

Just 7 percent of SMB owners did not use a smartphone, tablet or laptop at all. The most common reasons to not use mobiles was because they didn’t want to run a business 24/7 and the cost of using data.

Of 2 million trading businesses in Australia, 96 percent were SMBs. Many SMB owners and entrepreneurs worked longer hours than the average 9-5 working day. Time saving strategies that had a direct impact on productivity, efficiency, time and cost management and cash flow were hugely important, the report found.

The survey predicted the trend would increase next year. Half of SMB owners thought they would spend more time on their mobile devices for business practices.

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