Lunchtime seminars
with Inbal Rodnay Steinberg

Topic: Data analytics – Everything you need to know in 2020 

Seminar given at your firm's offices.
What you will learn:

What analytics tools can you use?

Understand the difference between financial vs operational analytics and the limits of Excel and Google Sheets.

When should you build your own dashboard?

Find out the options for creating financial and operational KPIs, and why SMEs want to know about them.

What technical skills do you need?

How much can you do by sharpening your Excel skills? Where do machine learning and artificial intelligence fit in? 

Past topics: An introduction to machine learning • Integrations and APIs • Inventory apps and when to go ERP •

About the Presenter

Inbal Rodnay Steinberg is a dashboards specialist, software entrepreneur and company director. She founded Xero conversion and custom development consultancy Convertworx in 2012 and is Head of Product at Digital First.

Inbal learned to code in her first job maintaining weapons systems for fighter jets. She has a voracious appetite for learning about systems, inventory and ecosystem apps, and the brave, new world of AI.

When: Weekday lunchtimes

Duration: 45 minutes including Q&A
Where: At your firm in Melbourne
Audience: 5 to 30 people​
Cost: $250 + gst

All welcome – no prior knowledge required

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